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Date added: 09/12/2014 Rating:
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Date added: 09/10/2014 Rating:
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Description : Ana Foxxx is a longhaired black babe with toned muscles, natural tits and a big, meaty ass. She models form-fit finery -- fishnets, tight shorts and bikini top --from Lexington Steele's new clothing line. The black stud pulls her shorts up her butt crack and frottages her under those tight nets with his gigantic cock. Ana kneels to suck dick and Lex peels down her nets for a doggie-style fuck. Naked, Ana rides prick, bouncing, masturbating. She sucks dick pussy-to-mouth and her wet snatch makes his huge, dark pole glisten with girl juice. They fuck and suck in many positions before Ana licks Lex's ball sac and he jerks jism on her face, in her mouth, all over her chest.