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Date added: 09/13/2014 Rating:
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Description : Voluptuous black babe Aryana Adin auditions for stud Lexington Steele, hoping to show off his lingerie designs (pink fishnets, skimpy hooker dress) as a runway model. Lex sucks her tits through her dress, and stiff nipple hard-ons sprout. He peels down her thong and unleashes his massive, black cock for a standing doggie-style fuck. The stud oils up Aryana's huge ass cheeks. As she rides his cock, he smacks her bouncing butt. She masturbates and gasps as he fucks her, flesh slamming loudly. Lex eats pussy and Aryana sucks dick. More doggie-style pounding makes her squeal, and she sucks cock fresh from her pussy. She laps his balls and he jerks jets of hot cream all over her face, up to her forehead and down to those mega-whoppers.
Date added: 09/12/2014 Rating:
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