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Date added: 02/03/2016 Rating:
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Description : Mocha-skinned Bethany Benz has seductive, brown eyes and enticing BJ lips. Her stripper dress shows off huge knockers and long legs in an outdoor tease session. She sucks stud Lexington Steele's big black cock and he takes her pussy in a standing, doggie-style fuck. After she tastes her pussy on his prick, she rides the huge meat, whimpering and calling Lex 'Daddy.' He takes her greased asshole doggie-style, gripping her by the waist. Deep, thick-cock sodomy makes Bethany wail in her exotic accent. She blows him for some ass-to-mouth flavor and takes an anal ride, her fleshy cheeks bouncing. Bethany kneels, sucking scrotum, and Lex splashes sperm all over her face and in her hair.
Date added: 02/03/2016 Rating:
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