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Date added: 09/18/2013 Rating:
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Date added: 09/15/2013 Rating:
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Description : Incredibly buxom Latina bombshell Bridgette B. calls up director Lexington Steele for some hot interracial action. They talk dirty on the phone as Bridgette caresses her voluptuous body. In no time, Lex arrives at Bridgette's house, and the glamorous slut unleashes his massive black cock for some oral worship. She gags on his enormous member and slides the shaft between her mountainous mammaries. Lex plows her tender cunt on the kitchen countertop; moving to the sofa, Bridgette rides his gigantic ebony rod, her plump butt cheeks wobbling up and down. Finally, Lexington creams all over Bridgette's face and chest.