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Date added: 06/09/2014 Rating:
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Description : Director Lexington Steele is casting buxom babes for a movie, and Capri Cavanni has the jugs. The flashy, big-eyed blonde is stunning with her big boobs exploding from a brief black latex dress. He unleashes 'the girls,' sucks their nipples and smacks his colossal, black erection in her cleavage for a titty fuck. The big bone takes her breath as he slides into her shaved box doggie-style. Fucking with her leg up on his shoulder, she masturbates and cums. She sucks cock pussy-to-mouth and rides the meat, her righteous butt flexing. Lex jacks a gigantic load all over Capri's face, tongue, hair and tits, and she licks his jism admiringly.