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Date added: 12/05/2014 Rating:
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Description : Auburn-haired black babe Chanell Heart poses in frilly lingerie, fishnets and heels, tempting superstar stud Lexington Steele with her tiny waist and big, soft butt. Hard smacks to her twerking, booty-clapping ass give her excited shivers. She blows his gigantic black boner as he oils her rear. Chanell pleads for a doggie-style fuck and gets it, kneeling and then standing, gasping and moaning, 'Oh my goodness!' She rides cock, cheeks flexing and bunching. The sexually delirious girl sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. Lex nails her in multiple positions, and Chanell's cunt creams his thick meat. As she licks his balls, a massive load splashes her pretty face.