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Date added: 04/17/2016 Rating:
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Description : Outdoors, glamorous dirty blonde Chloe Amour strips, revealing a natural, tanned, beautiful body. She makes out with hung stud Lexington Steele on the front patio, revealing her shaved-bald gash and kneeling for a blow job with spit-slathered hand stroking. A manhandling doggie-style fuck in the front doorway makes Chloe gasp and whimper as her twat creams his meat, and she sucks his big black cock pussy-to-mouth. Inside, she takes a prick ride, with Lex's big hands spreading her pretty ass. They fuck in several positions, her little body somehow accommodating his huge prick. He pulls out to splatter her in semen, which she tastes.
Date added: 04/17/2016 Rating:
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