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  • 06/01/2016
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Date added: 06/01/2016 Rating:
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Description : Curvy British bombshell Lexi Lowe flaunts her luscious body in a pre-scene tease, coyly staring into the camera in anticipation of a heated ass fuck from legendary director Lexington Steele. Outdoors, she struts toward him; he leads her inside where she kneels to orally service his oversized prick. Lexi's body bounces beautifully as she rides her stud, her pussy latching around Lex's cock like a tight flesh sleeve. He eats her shaved snatch, but the intensity heightens when he pounds her tight asshole! Lexi sucks dick ass-to-mouth and gets her asshole rammed. She's rewarded with a fresh load of cum to the tits.
Date added: 06/01/2016 Rating:
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