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Date added: 05/24/2014 Rating:
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Description : Pretty brunette Lola Foxx's long hair falls straight down to her bodacious butt; in skimpy lingerie and high heels she poses under a sunny, blue sky, jiggling her round, fleshy cheeks. Lola blows director/stud Lexington Steele's big black cock in front of the house in broad daylight. Inside, he plays with her God-sculpted butt and she grips the bed as he fucks her tight, little pussy doggie-style. She rides his huge meat, round cheeks bouncing, and squeals with her leg up on his shoulder. We see Lola's beautifully colorful tattoo through a sweaty fuck. Lola sucks dick pussy-to-mouth, licks balls and takes a creamy load on her face, up her nose, in her eye.