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Date added: 07/27/2014 Rating:
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Date added: 07/22/2014 Rating:
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Description : Dark-haired, tanned Lylith LaVey is a buxom, flexible dancer in sexy athletic wear, heels and hoops. Stud Lexington Steele auditions her for his arousing aerobic videos. She stretches, splits, contorts ... and accepts a bonus opportunity for a hard-core workout. Lex's huge cock fucks her turgid boobs, sucking mouth, tight twat and curvy butt. Her limber legs wrap lewdly around Lex, and she masturbates as she fucks. Lylith's butthole accommodates Lex's huge, dark dork; she impales herself, rides, spreads and diddles her clit. When he's ready to cum, Lylith licks his ball sac, and he jacks jism onto her jugs, face, hair and outstretched tongue.