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Date added: 06/08/2015 Rating:
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Description : Elegant, longhaired black beauty Nadia Jay seduces director/stud Lexington Steele with a daylight outdoor striptease, displaying big boobs, tiny waist, and twerking her pretty ass. In heels, the lithe, leggy doll is taller than Lex. She strokes the huge erection pointing from his fly. By the open doorway her shaved snatch gets doggie-style attention. Lex oils her ass and she takes a cock ride, butt poppin', meaty pussy soaking his prick. Lex eats pussy and rims butthole between positions. She perches over his face for chewy cunnilingus. Nadia gasps as sweaty Lex pumps her, leg up on his shoulder. She kneels to lick balls and thick jism splashes her tits, tongue, eyes and up her nose.
Date added: 06/08/2015 Rating:
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