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Date added: 01/31/2015 Rating:
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Description : Blonde-streaked brunette Nadia Styles' pink bikini outfit and thigh-high boots show off her big, hard-nippled boobs and tiny waist. She makes strong eye contact with the camera (and you the viewer) as she sucks the enormous, black cock of stud Lexington Steele, who shoots this entire scene POV-style. As he nails her doggie-style over a pool table, his cock looks almost as big as little Nadia. Her pussy paints his prick in juice and then, as she straddles him for a dick ride, she ejaculates girl squirt all over him! She writhes through a long, intense fuck, squeezing her tits, masturbating her shaved cunt and sucking dick pussy-to-mouth. Lex blasts her bald twat with semen.