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Date added: 04/20/2015 Rating:
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Date added: 04/17/2015 Rating:
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Description : Trim, tanned, tattooed brunette Olivia Wilder poses under the sun in a hooker dress with cutouts revealing a shapely ass. She makes out with legendary Lexington Steele, who rubs oil into her butt cheeks and unleashes his massive, black cock for outdoor stroking and sucking -- what will the neighbors think of an interracial scene in the cul de sac? Inside, Olivia kneels to give a sensual blow job, and Lex eats her shaved, split pink. He fucks her into the couch and standing, doggie-style. Pussy lips stretched around his pole, she looks as if she might be split in half. After tasting her juice on his meat, she rides some more, bouncing, grunting and squealing. Lex jacks streams of jism up the length of her nose, to her forehead, into her hair, and thick cum coats her eyelash.