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Date added: 12/08/2014 Rating:
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Date added: 12/07/2014 Rating:
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Description : Gorgeous Serena Ali is a light-skinned black beauty with hot natural boobs and a soft, sweet ass. She makes out with director/stud Lexington Steele, who sucks the gummy nipples pointing through Serena's skimpy lingerie. Bang, he takes her doggie-style, still standing. Serena kneels for a sensual blow job/hand job. When they resume fucking, her tasty tits bounce and sway, and Serena masturbates her shaved pussy. She sucks his big black cock pussy-to-mouth, with plenty of spit and scrotum lapping, and Lex fucks her titties. He nails her with her leg on his shoulder and in multiple positions. As Serena laps balls, Lex blows ribbons of spunk into her mouth, across her face and in her hair.