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Date added: 12/08/2014 Rating:
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Date added: 12/06/2014 Rating:
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Description : Teanna Trump is a blonde, light-skinned black chick whose micro-bikini and heels show off fabulous legs, a tiny waist and a bodacious butt. Studly Lexington Steele sucks her natural breasts and yanks her bottoms to the side for a standing, doggie-style fuck that makes he squeal. Teanna gives a pussy-to-mouth blow job and a two-hand job. She rides Lex's big black cock, masturbating, skin slapping, deeply cleaved cheeks rolling and bouncing. Backing onto Lex's bone, her pussy queefs and she says the colossal prick 'feels like a monster.' She splits her legs like a gymnast as he porks her. After multiple fucking positions, she kneels to lap balls and Lex creams her pretty face from chin to forehead. Teanna plays with the semen, winks and swallows.