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Date added: 04/16/2015 Rating:
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Description : Longhaired blonde Brooke Summers auditions for Lexington Steele, modeling a tiny, pink one-piece that can't contain her pale, fleshy bod. She's tall in monster heels, and with a G-string riding up her massive, white ass crack, Lex doesn't resist taking liberties. Brooke strokes and blows Lex's erect, colossally big black cock. She eases that gigantic pole up her snatch, hunching, gasping, moaning. Doggie-style plowing makes her wail and grip the couch. She masturbates as she's pounded; her huge ass rumbles as she rides. Brooke sucks his ball sac, and Lex's thick dollops of cream paint her face and puffed up, BJ lips.