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Date added: 04/18/2016 Rating:
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Description : Adorable Latina Gina Valentina poses outdoors, showing us her tiny waist, all-real little titties and cute butt. The tattooed, young pixie can't wait to see how her small body accommodates her first big black cock, and Lexington Steele's towering penis is almost as big as she is! After a slobbery blow job/two-hand job with ball licking, she slides down on Lex's meat, wailing and groaning. The huge, dark dick splits her like a fence post and she bounces lustfully, pussy soaking prick. Gina sucks Lex pussy-to-mouth and he eats her shaved-bald gash. Doggie-style throttling makes her shake. Lex cum-slops Gina from tits to tongue.